Column CAD Drawings and Specifications

Architectural Augmentations, LLC. manufactures architectural columns from several composite materials: LegacyCast™ Fiberglass, LegacyStone™ synthetic stone, LegacyLite™ lightweight fiberglass, LegacyCrete™ GFRC, and LegacyWrap™ PVC. Our columns come with a limited lifetime warranty and range from paint-grade options to prefinished alternatives. In addition to all of our standard products below, our inhouse mold making capabilities allow us to make custom columns fairly inexpensively. We add custom columns on a monthly basis which become part of our standard offering. Architects and designers please feel free to incorporate our CAD drawings and specifications into your current and future blueprints and spec sheets. If you need customized CAD files, reports, or samples, our architectural experts can assist. For more information on our fiberglass columns, please visit our fiberglass columns section. For our other materials, please email or call us for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Architectural Augmentations, LLC